China: Crude Oil Leak Contaminates Yan'an Reservoir

3 Sep 2007 by Local Press Report
China, YAN'AN

— A crude oil leak from a broken pipeline has contaminated the water supply reservoir in the northwest Chinese city of Yan'an, in Shaanxi province. As a result, residents are turning to the Yanhe and Xihe rivers and wells to meet their water leads, according to Yan'an Mayor Chen Qiang. Most of the oil spill has been cleaned up, Chen said. The pipeline belonged to the fourth oil extraction factory at the Changqing Oil Field. When it broke, it leaked oil as far out as the lower reaches of the Xingzihe River. An oil slick was found in 8 kilometers of the river Yulin City, northern Shaanxi. Wangyao Reservoir, the main water supply for Yan'an, was affected...

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