Laos: Nam Theun II Protection Measures to Become Standard

10 Sep 2007 by Local Press Report
vientiane, laos, HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam

— The social and environmental protection measures used during construction of the Nam Theun II hydropower project will be the standard for future projects, according to Minister of Energy and Mines Borsaykham Vongdara. The World Bank, which funded the project, required that 10 percent of$1 billion USD investment cost of the project be used for environmental protection and social resettlement program. As a result, the Nam Theun II project had included a high-quality environmental impact assessment that should be replicated for other development projects, Borsaykham said.. Ian Porter, World Bank country director for Laos, cited the project as an example of responsible hydropower development in the region...

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