Longtime Dispute Over Cauvery River Still Entrenched

8 Oct 2007 by OOSKAnews Correspondent

— It is the longest-running river-water sharing dispute in India, and perhaps one of the oldest such disputes globally: The neighboring states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu in southern India have been engaged in a prolonged battle over the past several decades over the sharing of waters of the Cauvery River. This dispute has remained unresolved despite the best efforts of the state and federal governments. Though a tribunal had shared the water of Cauvery among the Indian states earlier this year, the issue is far from being resolved permanently. The Cauvery River originates in the Brahmagiri ranges of Kodagu district of Karnataka, flows through large parts of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu and also some parts of another southern Indian state, Kerala, and the federally administered territory of Puducherry...

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