Pakistan: Uncovered Sewer Drains Pose Health Risk in Lahore

7 Apr 2008 by Local Press Report
Pakistan, LAHORE

— Uncovered sewerage drains running through the city pose a potential danger to human health, according to an official of the Environment Protection Department. Sixteen large uncovered drains that could cause disease and other health hazards include the Khaira Drain (Charrar Drain) running through the Defense Housing Authority, Mian Mir Drain, Babu Sabu Drain, Gulshan-eRavi Drain, Gulberg Drain, Sabzazar Scheme Drain and Sattukatla Drain. Over the past 20 years these stromwater drains have been contaminated with sewage and industrial waste. In addition, jewellery and many appliances, especially those made from copper, change color when exposed to fumes from the drains, according to an Environment Protection Department report...

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