Expert Says No Mediator Will Be Able to Resolve Uzbekistan-Tajikistan Dispute


There is no "suitable mediator" which will be able to solve the water dispute between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, the U.S. expert on Central Asia Bruce Pannier believes. Some observers suppose that only foreign mediators will manage to solve the Central Asian water problem, which most of all harm the relations between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Tajikistan appealed the European Union to invest in the construction of the Roghun hydropower plant's construction, which contradicted Uzbek interests. "I do not think the EU will give any money for Roghun, though Brussels may pledge funds for other, smaller HPP projects in Tajikistan," Pannier, expert of Radio Liberty, wrote Trend via e-mail. He believes EU will do nothing that would make it an enemy to Tashkent or Dushanbe. Also the EU has another reason not to help Tajikistan, which is common with the reason of the U.S - troops in Afghanistan, the expert said.