Lawmaker Alleges Irregularities in $75 Million USD Of Bogota City Contracts

Colombia, BOGOTA

Colombian Green Party Senator Iván Leonidas Name last week claimed that irregularities had been found in $75 million USD worth of contracts at the Administrative Unit of Public Services (UAESP) of Bogota.

He also cited alleged irregularities at the Drinking Water and Sanitation Regulatory Commission.

Among other things, Leonidas Name said UAESP, which is responsible for urban waste management and public spaces in Bogota, had collected and kept $43,000 in overpayments from local citizens.

Questioned on the nature of the contract irregularities, the Colombian Attorney General’s Office told OOSKAnews that it could not provide information on its disciplinary investigations.

Leonidas Name also declined to provideinformation on the irregularities discovered at the regulatory commission.

The senator also called last month for restructuring of the Autonomous Regional Corporations responsible for natural risk and disaster management, on the grounds that they were poorly managed.

The Green Party said weather-related disasters last winter affected 900,000 homes and caused damage to resources and institutions.

Leonidas Name requested that the national government modify the current structure of the Directorate of Risk Management and Prevention. He expressed concern for the country’s most affected sectors, agriculture and livestock. 

“The land is not only being flooded, and animals drowned, but the winter made it impossible for food to be transported,” Leonidas Name told local media.

“The problem remains the same; although no one is to blame for the rainfall, the mitigation of damages that the winter (natural disasters) cause must be the responsibility of the entities charged with these functions.”