2001-2010 Was a Decade of Weather Extremes: UN

5 Jul 2013 by OOSKAnews Correspondent
GENEVA, Switzerland

The decade of 2001-2010 saw “unprecedented high-impact climate extremes” across the planet, with floods, droughts and hurricanes killing 370,000 people, a 20 percent increase over the previous decade, according to new report from the UN’s World Meterological Organization.The report, “The Global Climate 2001-2010, A Decade of Extremes” (available here), found that this was the warmest decade for both land and ocean temperature since recordings began in 1850, which lead to rapid melting of Arctic sea ice and land glaciers.“We are already seeing the effects of climate change and so we need to take action through the use of scientifically-based climate services to cushion the impact on our environment, our economies and our societies,” said Michel Jarraud, Secretary-General of the WMO...

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