India's NCRPB Says Water, Power Supply Falling Behind Demand

3 Jul 2013 by Local Press Report

The National Capital Region Planning Board's (NCRPB) draft revised plan for 2021 projects a bleak outlook, stating that the region's power and water demands will be far more than its present supply capacity. The draft revised plan estimates that the NCR region requires power generation capacity of 29,249MW to meet future demands, while the demand for water is expected to reach 23,467 million cubic meters (MCM) by 2021, against just 13,779 MCM available at present. The NCRPB projected a sharp jump in the region's water demand. According to the report, the total water available in the NCR is 13,779 MCM, while the total water demand in 2021 is expected to reach 23,467 MCM...

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