Saudi Arabia Rolls Out $128 Million in New Water, Sanitation Projects

22 Jul 2013 by OOSKAnews Correspondent
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia

The Saudi government on July 17 announced plans to carry out $128 million USD worth of water and sanitation projects nationwide.

According to a Ministry of Electricity and Water statement, the plan includes a $37 million USD project to build a 44,000-cubic-meter-per-day drinking water treatment plant in Jazan and a $43.5 million USD project to construct water and sewer networks in the city.

Other projects involve upgrading sewage treatment plants in Khafji governorate in the kingdom’s Eastern Province at a total cost of $6.5 million USD; upgrading sewage pipelines in the Asir region at a cost of $5.5 million USD; and rehabilitating a water pumping station in Tabuk; building a new water pumping station in Sarat Abidah governorate; building new drinking water treatment plants in al Qasim; installing new water pipelines in Aniza governorate; constructing and two drinking water treatment plants in al Baha region. These last three projects are expected to cost $16 million USD.

The ministry will also allocate $26 million USD to drill four wells in al Qasim region and two wells in Riyadh, connect households in Tabuk to water and sewer networks and replace old mains in Arar city in the northern region.

Saudi Arabia is expected to invest $6.4 billion USD on water and sanitation projects this year.

The Ministry of Electricity and Water aims to boost water production nationwide by the end of this year. The Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) set a target of increasing desalinated water production by 2 million cubic meters by that time; the corporation, whichoperates 36 desalination plants on the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea, is currently producing 3.3 million cubic meters per day.