Chile to Invest $891 Million USD to Fight Drought in Valparaiso

5 Aug 2013 by OOSKAnews Correspondent

Chile will invest some $891.4 million USD for a long-term plan to combat the effects of drought and prevent future water shortages in the country’s Valparaiso region.The Valparaiso Region Action Plan 2020 includes eight projects to be completed between 2014 and 2020: Los Aromos Dam (2014), Chacrillas Dam (2014-15), Los Angeles Dam (2016-2020), La Chupalla (2016-2020), Aconcagua River Irrigation Project (2017), Aconcagua Dam (2018-21), Pedernal Dam (2018) and Las Palmas Dam (2020).Some of these are already under construction others have passed the design stage and are being tendered.Minister of Interior and Public Security Andrés Chadwick and presidential delegate on the drought effort Rodrigo Ubilla led meetings last week with local and regional authorities in the drought-stricken area...

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