New Water Quality Tools Being Developed for Desalination

12 Aug 2013 by Local Press Report

High-tech water quality monitoring tools are being developed to support desalination plants and utilities in the region. Masdar Institute of Science and Technology (Masdar Institute) has announced the launch of a collaboration project with Bayanat for mapping and surveying services to develop water quality monitoring tools in the Gulf using the satellite receiving station at the research-based institution. “We believe the joint project will provide more productive tools that can be deployed by all the countries across the globe,” said Fred Moavenzadeh, president, Masdar Institute. The Ocean Color (OC) Research Group at the Earth Observation and Hydro-Climatology (EO-HC) Lab at Masdar Institute is leading this project with Bayanat, a Mubadala company and a specialist in the UAE’s geospatial sector...

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