Uruguay to Move Slow on Commissioning Second Pulp Mill to Appease Argentina

13 Sep 2013 by Local Press Report

Uruguay, in a major concession to Buenos Aires, said it will go slow on commissioning a second pulp mill on the river it shares with Argentina. Uruguayan President Jose Mujica said he has no intention of irritating Argentina over the issue and would rather delay the second pulp million's commissioning than risk annoying Argentine President Cristina Fernandez. "We know very well that if you try to push Argentina, you're done," Mujica said. Worse still, he added, a quarrel with Argentina over pulp production would mean "you won't even get a thing of what you were planning for." Argentina and Uruguay have been quarreling for several years over Uruguay's exploitation of its excess eucalyptus growth to turn into lucrative pulp for export...

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