Azerbaijan Glacier Area Reduced by 45 Percent

19 Nov 2013 by Local Press Report

In 1890-2000, glaciers area in Azerbaijan reduced by approximately 45 per cent, senior hydrologist of the National Hydrometeorology Department of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources Asif Verdiyev told APA. According to him, on an average, 0.02 square meters glacier melts every year. “Glaciers in the territory of Azerbaijan are located in the northeastern part of the Great Caucasus and at the basin of the Gusarchay River. There are eight glaciers. Catalogue of those glaciers was compiled in 1890. Total area of those glaciers was 4.9 square meters. Moreover, the studies carried out by the expedition of the Institute of Geography of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences in 1960 confirmed the existence of 8 glaciers...

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