Gaza Wastewater Treatment Plant Stops Operating Due to Fuel Shortages

26 Nov 2013 by OOSKAnews Correspondent

A key wastewater treatment plant in the Gaza Strip came to a standstill last week after shortages of fuel imported from Israel halted operations at power plants, according to Gaza water officials.“As we have warned in the past weeks, the main Askola Wastewater Treatment Plant came to a standstill due to lack of electricity,” said Saad Eldin al Abtash, director of Gaza’s Water and Sanitation Authority.“Most of Gaza streets are now flooded with sewage due to this crisis,” he said. “Every hour there are 1,000 cubic meters of sewage water dumped in the streets.”Gaza already lacks safe, functional wastewater treatment facilities, forcing it to dump tens of thousands of cubic meters of untreated sewage into the sea...

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