Kazakhstan’s Mangystau Province Needs $1.2 Billion for Clean Water Program: Governor

9 Dec 2013 by OOSKAnews Correspondent
AKTAU, Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan’s Mangystau Province will need $1.2 billion USD in funding to complete the Ak Bulak (Clean Water) Program by 2020, according to Mangystau Governor Alik Aidarbayev.“As you know, … [$844 million USD] is provided for the program to the republic from the budget every year,” Aidarbayev told Regional Development Minister Bolat Zhamishev during Zhamishev’s visit to the province last week. But “according to our rough estimates, the Mangystau province needs … $1.234 billion USD to complete [the program] by 2020.”Eighty-seven percent of the province’s urban population and 28 percent of the rural population currently have access to centralized water supply, and by 2020, those figures are expected to increase to 100 percent and 80 percent, respectively, Aidarbayev said...

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