Pakistan’s Sindh Province Plans $28.5 Million Treatment Plant

6 Feb 2014 by OOSKAnews Correspondent

The Northern Sindh Urban Services Corporation (NSUSC) has announced plans to build a heavy-duty water treatment plant on the Indus River in the southern Pakistani city of Sukkur.“The plant will cost a little over $28.5 million USD, and will provide 50,000 gallons of clean potable water per day to over 4 million residents of the twin cities of Sukkur and Rohri in southern Pakistan, after treating the river water,” NSUSC Acting Managing Director Parvez Seehar told OOSKAnews by phone this week.“The water treatment plant will be operational by mid-April,” he said.Seehar said that the decision to build the plant came at a recent meeting of the NSUSC Board of Directors, following reports that residents of the two cities were consuming highly contaminated water pumped directly from the river...

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