Kazakh Soldiers Get Dysentery From Drinking Tap Water in Kyzylorda

22 Apr 2014 by OOSKAnews Correspondent
KYZYLORDA, Kazakhstan

At least 52 soldiers contracted dysentery after drinking tap water at a military garrison in the Kazakh city of Kyzylorda earlier this month.Authorities in Kyzylorda province officially confirmed last week that the outbreak at the facility had been caused by  poor quality drinking water.The first reports of illness came on April 13, when 36 soldiers were hospitalized. By April 16, that number had risen to 52.According to the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office of Kazakhstan, the water supply pipeline in the military facility broke down on April 7, which resulted water leakages. Water supply resumed the next day, but the repair work had caused contamination of the water inside the pipeline...

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