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OOSKAnews Announces Details of First aquaNOW Audience Event

EDINBURGH, Scotland, United Kingdom

The inaugural aquaNOW Audience will be conducted on October 2, 2014 and hosted at the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) in Oban, Scotland.

OOSKAnews readers and others unable to attend the event in person can watch the event via a free live web-stream commencing at 9AM Eastern Standard Time.

Earlier this year, OOSKAnews, the world’s leading provider of water-related news, announced production of the 2014-2015 “aquaNOW Audiences,” a series of web-streamed seminars designed to engage global audiences with critical water-related challenges.

An initial series of six aquaNOW Audiences will be physically hosted in Scotland -- the Hydro Nation -- over the next 12 months, and streamed live to a global viewership.

The Audiences have already attracted speaker commitments from a number of international water VIPs who will participate in person and by video link.

The inaugural event on October 2nd will feature panelists including Renee Martin-Nagle, Visiting Scholar, Environmental Law Institute, Washington DC; Dr. Paul Tett, Reader in Coastal Systems, Scottish Association for Marine Science; Juan-Carlos Ramirez, Visiting Scholar, the UNESCO Center for Water Law at the University of Dundee, Scotland; Dr. John Matthews, Executive Director of the Alliance for Global Water Adaptation; Kevin Jeffrey, Owner, Wastewater Wizard.

The event is free to attend, and free to watch live on video at www.ooskanews.com.

Further info -- email info@ooskanews.com, or phone +44 (0)7585 708291.