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EIP Water Conference a “Key” European Water Event


The European Innovation Partnership on Water (EIP Water) will hold its second annual conference on November 5th in Barcelona, Spain.

“This is the second annual Conference of the EIP Water and we are pleased to see it growing into one of Europe's key events on water innovation; there is also increasing interest from the finance community among many others,” Robert Schröder, Policy Officer in the DG Environment of the European Commission, told OOSKAnews via email this week.

“We will have a few sessions related to finance for water innovation, which I think is great news,” Schröder said.

The conference, held under the theme "Connecting Innovation Demand and Supply," will also mark the launch of the 3rd call for expressions of commitment to establish EIP Water Action Groups. This call will focus on actors from Central and Eastern European countries and on EIP water priority areas that have been underrepresented in the previous two calls.

“Another very important element is that we will investigate how the activities of our 25 existing Action Groups can concretely contribute to implementation of EU water policy,” Schröder added.

The last call for action was completed in April, when 16 new Action Groups were selected. These groups, representing partners from 36 countries worldwide, brought the total number of EIP Water Action Groups to 25.

The Action Groups are working to forward EIP Water's mission of developing innovative solutions to address major European and global water challenges, and creating market opportunities for these innovations.

In order to be selected, each action group proposal has to meet six criteria -- strength of proposal’s relationship to the EIP Water Strategic Implementation Plan; inclusion of innovative concepts; breadth and experience of the team; demand or market relevance; considerations of governance; and clarity of end goals. 

Next week's conference will also include the global launch of the CDP Water Report 2014, which looks at the perception of water risk by the world’s largest listed corporations. This will take place during the session titled “From risk to value creation: how corporate stewardship is driving innovation in water.”

With 500 water-innovation participants already registered, in-person registration for the conference has been closed. However, those interested can still sign up for online live-streaming of the event.