Saudi Arabia Restricts Amount of Zam Zam Water Pilgrims Can Take Home

14 Oct 2014 by Local Press Report

Pilgrims returning home after completing the Haj pilgrimage are becoming increasingly resentful of the five-liter cap on Zam Zam water imposed by the authorities. With the demand for the precious water surging as pilgrims return home, the authorities have moved to increase the supplies of Zam Zam in Jeddah and Madinah. While in Makkah, pilgrims have access to plentiful supplies of Zam Zam. However, the long tradition of carrying Zam Zam water home following the Haj may well be on its way to becoming a memory as now almost all pilgrims are only allowed to carry a five-liter container with them which they are given at the check in counters at the airports...

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