South Kazakhstan Province’s Water Supply Unfit for Human Consumption: Prosecutors

SHYMKENT, Kazakhstan

Drinking water supplied from 16 newly built waterworks facilities in South Kazakhstan Province is unfit for human consumption, according to the South Kazakhstan Prosecutors’ Office.

Participants at an October 24th public hearing in the provincial capital, Shymkent, on the Akbulak (Clean Water) program quoted the provincial prosecutors’ office as saying water from facilities in the Saryagash and Maktaaral districts and the city of Turkistan do not meet sanitary standards or are actually unfit for consumption.

Sanitary inspectors and local prosecutors have demanded that membrane filters be installed at these localities to improve water quality. 

The Prosecutors’ Office has also uncovered several cases where project funds were embezzled in the course of building pipelines and other water supply facilities in the province.

An investigation of the water supply facility in the city of Saryagash found that $320,000 USD of the $2.8 million USD allocated for its construction had been embezzled. Prosecutors opened a criminal case against the chief specialist at the Saryagash district building department.

Another criminal case was also opened over embezzlement of $500,000 USD from the funds allocated to build the water pipeline in the village of Badam, near Shymkent, in December 2013.

Meanwhile, provincial authorities reported that 226 localities were connected to water pipelines in the South Kazakhstan Region between 2011 and 2014. By November 2014, the residents of 85 percent of all villages will have access to tap water, the authorities said.