Lawmaker Urges Kenyan Government to End Athi River Pollution

19 Jan 2015 by OOSKAnews Correspondent

Francis Mwangangi, an MP representing Yatta constituency in Kenya’s Machakos County, last week called on the government to find a lasting solution to pollution in the Athi River.The Athi-Galana-Sabaki River is the second longest river in Kenya, after the Tana. The 390-kilometer-long waterway drains a basin area of 70,000 square kilometers.The Ndakaini Dam, the main source of water supply for the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, is located on the river.Mwangangi warned that the Athi has been used as a dumpsite for human and industrial waste from Nairobi and surrounding towns. Residents living along the river from Kilimambogo, Mwala, Yatta, Kitui and Makueni have become sick after drinking water from the Athi, he said...

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