Chile Announces $169 Million Worth of New Water Projects for Valparaiso

5 May 2015 by OOSKAnews Correspondent

The Chilean government last week announced $169 million USD worth of new water supply projects for the city of Valpàraiso.According to the Ministry of Public Works, the projects include construction of dams and desalination plants, as well as projects aimed at decreasing water shortages in rural areas.During the Public Accounts hearings on April 29th, Public Works Minister Miguel Saavedra Lavanal said desalination plants to provide water for human consumption, such as the planned Petorca plant, were currently in the study phase.Saavedra also cited the recently announced, $750 million USD Aconcagua Anti-Drought Plan for Valparaiso, which includes construction of large dams at Pocuro Alto, Catemu, Los Aromos and Los Ángeles...

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