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Don’t Miss the Fifth aquaNOW Audience, Streaming Free Tomorrow With No Registration Required!

WARRENTON, VA, United States

OOSKAnews Inc. will host the fifth “aquaNOW Audience” during the XVth World Water Congress on Friday, May 29, 2015, from 9:15-10:45BST (4:15-5:45 EDT) at the Edinburgh International Conference Center.

OOSKAnews readers and others unable to attend the event in person can watch the event via a live web-stream located at www.ooskanews.com.

The webstream is absolutely free to all viewers, and no registration is required.

The high-level international panel includes: Robert Ferrier, Director of Research Impact at the James Hutton Institute and Director of the Center of Expertise for Waters (CREW); Karen Villholth, Principal Researcher at IWMI, the International Water Management Institute, stationed at the IWMI Southern Africa Office in Pretoria, South Africa; Graham Tyrie, CEO of Albagaia Ltd, a Scottish Environmental technology company that manufactures the Hydrosense test, the world’s fastest and only on-site test for Legionella, and owner of NovarumDX, a company based on Albagaia’s patent in a diagnostic test reader technology; Elena Lopez-Gunn, Founder and Manager of ICATALIST and associate Professor at IE Business School; and Nandan Mukherjee, a Hydro Nation scholar and PhD student at the University of Dundee in Scotland.

During the Audience, panelists will discuss five recent OOSKAnews stories dealing with diverse water-related issues:

The aquaNOW Audiences series is produced by OOSKAnews, the world’s leading publisher of water-related news and intelligence. The events are moderated by David Duncan, CEO and Founder of OOSKAnews Inc., and supported by the Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and aquaNOW.info.