Indigenous Peruvians Seize Oil Wells, Demanding Compensation for Pollution

3 Sep 2015 by OOSKAnews Correspondent
LIMA, Peru

Members of Peru’s indigenous Achuar community seized oil wells in the country’s northern Loreto region this week to pressure the government to compensate them for pollution caused by the petroleum operations on their lands. The protesters shut down 11 wells and took over an airdrome operated by Argentinian oil company Pluspetrol. They were demanding clean water, compensation for oil pollution and more pay for the use of native land.Pluspetrol said daily output of about 8,500 barrels per day had been halted as a result of the action, and called for dialogue with protesters.Caracas-based news outlet teleSUR quoted Carlos Sandi, chief of the Federation of Indigenous Communities of the Corrientes River (FECONACO) as saying the Achuar also planned to seize more wells in a different oil block due to their dispute with the government over a new contract awarded to Canadian energy firm Pacific Exploration and Production Corporation...

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