Nicaragua Says Preparatory Work on Inter-Oceanic Canal Is Progressing

21 Jan 2016 by OOSKAnews Correspondent
MANAGUA, Nicaragua

Preparatory work on the Nicaragua’s Grand Intern-Oceanic Canal project is proceeding “with all the saftey and rigor that the case merits,” Telemaco Talavera, spokesman for the canal commission, wrote on the Nicaraguan governing party’s website on January 21st.The final phase of the project’s archaeological study in the Brito area is under way, as are the geological, cartographic, topographical, alignment and high precision photographic studies, he said.Talavera said the goal is to begin construction work by the end of 2016.In late November, Hong Kong-based HK Nicaragua Canal Development Investment Group (HKND), which has a 50-year concession to build and operate the canal, announced that it would delay construction of the $50 billion USD project...

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