Only 4 Percent of Brazilian Dams Inspected for Safety Before Samarco Tailings Dam Disaster

12 Aug 2016 by OOSKAnews Correspondent

Only 4 percent of Brazil's dams were inspected by supervisory bodies in the 12-month period before the disastrous tailings dam collapse at Samarco’s iron ore mine in Minas Gerais state last November, according to a new dam safety report from Brazil’s national water authority, ANA.The report, which covered the period from October 2014 to September 2015, looked at four types of dams -- those used to contain industrial waste, those used to contain mining waste, hydropower dams, and multi-purpose water use dams.There are 43 supervisory bodies regulating the sector in Brazil, ANA noted.Of the structures that were actually inspected -- 701 out of a total of 17,259 -- 73 percent were located in two states, São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul, the report found...

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