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Action Day for Water at COP22 - Dialogue Sessions

Marrakesh, MOROCCO

9th November’s Global Climate Action Day for Water at COP22 continued with a series of strategic “Dialogue” exchanges between Parties and non Parties to COP22. There were four sequential topics of discussion: “Water and Sustainable Development”; “Water and Socio-economic Development”; “Financing Mechanism to Increase Ambitions Related to Adaptation and Mitigation of (the) Water Field“, and “Improving Knowledge, Cooperation and Capacity Building”, moderated by John Matthews (AGWA) and Aziza Akhmouch (OECD).

Matthews opened by reiterating a recurring theme of COP22 – that water is not so much a sector as it relates to climate, but “a connector, a linkage”.

Torgny Holmgren (SIWI) spoke to where he saw water in implementation of Sustainable Development Goals, followed by Michel Devivo, General Secretary of the International Commission on Large Dams, who spoke about reservoirs becoming vital for storage of energy coming from solar and wind.

Topic areas introduced through floor interjections included the importance of water governance at basin level and the importance of recognizing Africa’s particular vulnerability to extreme natural occurrences.

Loic Fauchon, Honorary President of World Water Council (WWC) made a joint presentation with Kanupriya Harish of Jal Bhagirathi Foundation, which also spoke of water as a connector with food security, climate and energy, identifying a natural “five-finger alliance” linking water, energy, food, health and education.

OOSKAnews is reporting on the COP22 Conference this week and next week.