Google Under Fire for Aquifer Withdrawals in South Carolina

27 Apr 2017 by OOSKAnews Info

"Water wars" are erupting in South Carolina, and the withdrawals by high-tech companies like Google are increasingly controversial. Google apparently uses one-tenth of the daily supply — about 4 million gallons - to cool the servers at its only South Carolina data center, in Goose Creek according to the local Press and Courier. Now Google wants to draw 1.5 million gallons per day from an aquifer under the coastal region to help cool the servers after a planned expansion — a volume that would make it the third largest aquifer user in the three counties around Charleston, according to South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control records. How the state decides the Google dispute has wide-ranging repercussions. Withdrawals evidently are taking out water faster than the aquifers can replenish. And no one really knows just how much water can be drawn without exhausting them.