US Announces “Global Water Strategy”. Does Your Country Get a Mention? What, no Pakistan? No Yemen?

16 Nov 2017 by OOSKAnews Info
Washington, DC

The aid agency of the USA has released a strategy document regarding the country’s vision of a “more water-secure world…where people and nations have the water they need to be healthy, prosperous, and resilient”.

Full text of the Global Water Strategy can be found here.

USAID and the US State Department (the aid body’s parent organization)’s document announces that the US government will work with partner countries and key stakeholders to achieve four interrelated objectives:

  • Increasing access to sustainable safe drinking water and sanitation services, and promoting hygiene;
  • Protecting freshwater resources;
  • Promoting cooperation on shared waters;
  • Strengthening water governance and financing.

The US government’s global water strategy “will focus on countries and regions where needs and opportunities are greatest and where engagement can best protect (our) national security interests”.

These countries and regions are listed by the strategy document to include: Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Haiti, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Liberia, Nigeria, South Sudan, Uganda, and West Bank/Gaza.