Corona Beer Protest: Leading Mexico Activist Arrested


A leading campaigner for water rights regarding a planned US beer plant in the Mexican state of Baja California, was arrested at his home May 3 accused of injuries against a police officer in January this year. Leon Fierro Resendiz faces two months of “preemptive arrest because authorities say his political activities represent a danger for society”, Telesur TV has reported.

In January, the Mexicali Resiste group blocked machinery from entering a construction site of US corporation "Constellation Brands" in El Choropo, clashing with security forces. Mexicali's valley is an agricultural region where water scarcity has threatened crops and the city's water supply, the group says. Resindiz is a leader of the group.

The Constellation Brands' plans for water extraction have caused controversy for two years, and seem set to continue.

Constellation Brands owns brewer Grupo Modelo, one the two most popular beer producers in Mexico beers; Corona Extra, a Contellation Brands brand, is the most successful Mexican exported beer.

Police claim Resendiz tried to ram them with his car during the clash, however he claims he was moving the vehicle out of the way of airborne sticks and rocks.

Resendiz said he will continue the struggle for water and that he will remain in prison if necessary, but that won't make him give up.

The controversial $1 Billion USD brewery development is projected by owners to be complete by 2020 and will reportedly initially produce 58 million cases of beer each year and go on to produce quadruple that amount in the future.