Jordan Inaugurates Water And Wastewater Network For Syrian Refugee Camp

6 May 2018 by OOSKAnews Correspondent
AMMAN, Jordan

Jordan's Minister of Water and Irrigation, the German ambassador to Jordan and UNICEF May 3 launched the operation of a water supply and waste water network which will connect all households in the Zaatari refugee camp, a UNICEF statement said. As the first of 12 districts, a network which will serve about 8,000 households in District 8 of the camp has been commissioned, according to the statement.   Speaking at the launch event, Minister of Water and Irrigation Ali Ghezawi said that the government, in cooperation with donor countries and international agencies, seeks to implement effective environmental solutions in Zaatari camp, which hosts thousands of Syrian refugees, to preserve the environment and underground water and serve residents in areas neighbouring the camp...

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