Netanyahu, The Water Tech Start-up, Guterres and The Israeli-Georgian Billionaire

8 May 2018 by OOSKAnews Correspondent
TEL AVIV, Israel

Israeli media outlet Haaretz is posing potentially awkward questions in the last 2 weeks about the relationship between “Watergen”, a start-up water technology company, and the country’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.Watergen, a start-up company controlled by Israeli-Georgian billionaire Michael Mirilashvili which has developed technology for harvesting water through condensation of vapors in air, made a presentation to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres at an event hosted by Netanyahu in Israel In August 2017.This was at a time when the company was looking for financing for an ambitious project designed to supply water to the residents of the Gaza Strip, possibly as part of a contract it had with the “Shuruq Initiative”, a project sponsored by the Middle East Quartet (consisting of the United Nations, United States, European Union and Russia) and also involving an ambitious plan to provide drinking water to Gaza...

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