Santa Clara Valley Water District Approves $650 Million USD For California Water Tunnel Project

San Francisco, CA

The Santa Clara Valley Water District has voted to support State Governor Jerry Brown’s plan to build two massive tunnels to transfer Northern California water to Southern California.

The district’s board voted 4-3 May 8 to support the $17 Billion USD project and to commit up to $650 Million USD to help pay for it.

The vote followed a four-hour discussion of the 35-mile, 40-foot high tunnels to divert water from the north to the San Joaquin Valley and Southern California.

The Metropolitan Water District in Southern California last month approved $10.8 Billion USD to fund the bulk of the project.

Critics say the tunnels would allow large agribusiness interests in the San Joaquin Valley, as well as urban users in Los Angeles, to eventually take more fresh water out of fragile ecosystems in the Delta area in the north of the state.

Brown, who argues the twin tunnels will modernize California’s water delivery system, called the board’s decision “courageous.” (Palo Alto Daily Post, and other media).