Donetsk Water Station Resumes Operations After Most Recent Shelling

DONETSK, Ukraine

The Ukraine State Emergency Service has reported resumption of water supply to residents after operations at the beleagured Donetsk water filtration system came back online after conflict had once again forced a shutdown of the facility.

“The electric power supply of Donetsk filtering station was restored on June 9. As at 18:00 on June 9 Donetsk filtering station was put into operation, the water supply was restored after conducting routine adjustment work. On June 10 as at 7:00 am the water supply of Avdiivka, Lastochkyne and Orlivka operate as normal", the agency said.

The air power line of Donetsk water filtration plant had taken damage due to shelling.

As an interim measure Avdiivka's local authorities supplied residents with industrial water from mobile cisterns.

Despite explicit security guarantees provided by warring parties, the Filtration Station in Eastern Ukraine remains in grave danger amid continuous shelling, Ertugrul Apakan, the Chief Monitor of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)’s Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine had said in a May 18 statement.

More than 300,000 people in the region depend on the Donetsk Filtration Station for drinking water.

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The OSCE statement described a sharp escalation in the security situation triggered by multiple launch rocket systems becoming engaged in the violence. The official’s statement follows a fresh incident of heavy shelling on the Donetsk facility on May 17, after which the water plant was forced, once again, to suspend operations until repairs could be completed.

According to public utility Voda Donbassa, the May attacks damaged the station’s switchgear and electricity transformers.

In a May 3 address to OSCE’s Permanent Council in Vienna by the Chargé d’Affaires of the US Mission to OSCE leadership about the deteriorating security situation around the Donetsk water filtration station which laid blame firmly at the door of Russia.

Harry Kaiman described “growing concern we have watched the security situation around the Donetsk Filtration Station deteriorate over the past few weeks…the conflict jeopardizes the supply of clean water, and subjects thousands to the risk of inhaling poisonous chlorine gas stored at the station”.

“It is unconscionable that the (OSCE Special Monitoring Mission) SMM continues to record regular ceasefire violations in the area, forcing station employees to hide in an underground shelter, less than two weeks after five employees were shot while leaving their shift”, Kaiman continued. “350,000 people on both sides of the line of contact depend on the Donetsk Filtration Station for clean water”.

Kaiman went on to say that “The instigator and driver of this four-year-old conflict is Russia. Its claim that it is not a party to the conflict is laughable. The tragic toll of over 10,300 killed, and 25,000 wounded, is the direct result of Russia’s deliberate aggression, and Moscow’s continued military, political, and financial backing of proxies in eastern Ukraine. In deliberate disregard of yet another in a long series of ceasefire agreements, Russia continues to fight, despite the Easter recommitment to ceasefire”.