15 Projects Worth Almost $1 Billion USD To Be Invested In Jordan By European Investment Bank

AMMAN, Jordan

European Investment Bank (EIB) president Dario Scannapieco announced at the July 2 opening of the eighteenth annual EIB conference in Amman, Jordan that the EIB is preparing to finance 15 projects in Jordan, allocating 850 million euros to fund a number of sectors including water, sewage, public transport, renewable energy, small and mid-range companies and micro-finance companies.  

A project for drawing water from Al Ard Valley was cited as an example of a promising project that will contribute to providing water to the northern provinces of Jordan.

Jordan's Minister of Planning and Internal Cooperation Mary Kawar stressed the necessity of building strategic links between countries of the Mediterranean south and internal organisations for funding to tackle the challenges of rising unemployment and those faced in developing the sectors of agriculture, water and transport at a faster pace. (Al Bawaba)