Desalinated Water Raising Risk Of Heart Disease In Israel

Tel Aviv, Israel

Researchers who monitored nearly 200,000 people in Israel have found that those who were drinking desalinated water showed an increased risk of heart disease as compared to those consuming natural water. (Times of Israel)

In a report published last week in the Environmental Research scientific journal, researchers wrote that over a period of six years, 178,000 people from the largest healthcare provider in Israel were monitored based on the type of water they drank. Half of the people studied were in areas supplied with desalinated water, while the rest were from communities using natural water.

The research revealed a six percent increase in the incidence of heart disease among those drinking desalinated water but other researchers estimate the figure could be as high as 10%.

Prof. Yona Amitai of Bar-Ilan University, who co-led the research, said the number is statistically significant and can be traced to a failure to add magnesium to the desalinated seawater. While the idea of introducing magnesium into the desalinated water has been raised in the past, the Water Authority and the Health Ministry have failed to agree on a plan to implement the proposal.