Shared Management of Water Resources: A Pioneer Experience

2 Jan 2019 by OOSKAnews Correspondent
GENEVA, Switzerland

A forty year success story of transboundary governance by Switzerland and France of the Genevois Aquifer ("Nappe du Genevois") was celebrated in Geneva November 29 with a one-day seminar "Shared Management of Resources: A Pioneer Experience on Water".

In Part Two (Part One is linked here) of an OOSKAnews Feature to mark the anniversary, Manager of the Geneva Water Hub Francois Munger recognizes forty years of transboundary governance of the Nappe du Genevois with the following statement:

"The celebration of 40-year of cooperation between French and Swiss local authorities on the Geneva Aquifer is not only an occasion to recall the very first transboundary cooperation agreement on groundwater.

Nor is it only a moment to remember the pioneer nature of this technical solution designed to artificially recharge an aquifer using previously treated water from a river. It is in essence an occasion to salute the spirit of cooperation and the human commitment of those that enabled this agreement to live for 40 years, going through with each issue, each challenge with a solution-driven mind-set and an awareness of the common stakes related to water services. It is this spirit of cooperation that lies at the heart of the work of the Global High Level Panel on Water and Peace, and that we, as Geneva Water Hub, intend to promote worldwide as a best example of cooperation. As exchanged during this symposium, this experience is valuable for the development of transboundary cooperation on other aquifers worldwide irrespective of their size since most severe issues related to conflict of usage take place at the local level, as one may find for instance in various spots of the Guarani Aquifer. A constructive and transparent collaboration between local authorities is hence one key asset for transboundary groundwater cooperation to become a driver for peace". 
For further information about the Geneva Water Hub and the Global High-Level Panel on Water and Peace Report “A Matter of Survival”, OOSKAnews refers readers to a November 2018 article and audio conversation between Francois Munger and David Duncan of OOSKAnews where Munger describes the founding ideas behind creation of the Geneva Water Hub of which he was principal developer; the need to link water with peace; global challenges contributing to rising tensions and risk of conflicts regarding water; Geneva Water Hub’s contribution to the Global High Level for Water and Peace; how the Global Panel Report “A Matter of Survival” contributes to global thinking about water, peace and security linkages, and next steps for the Geneva Water Hub.