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Former Koch Industries Exec Heads Up USEPA's PFAS Response, Raising Conflict-Of-Interest Concerns

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Washington DC, United States

The Administration of US President Donald Trump has appointed David Dunlap, a former executive of Koch Industries to manage the country’s regulation of toxic PFAS chemicals which have been found to contaminate the drinking water of millions of US citizens. Dunlap, who was appointed October 2018 as a deputy in the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) spent the previous eight years as Koch Industries’ lead expert on water and chemical regulations, a position that typically includes helping companies to limit regulatory restrictions and liability for cleanups. He is now the top political official in the USEPA’s research office.

Koch subsidiary Georgia-Pacific has used PFAS in some of its products and is facing at least one class-action lawsuit related to contamination from the chemicals, raising conflict-of-interest concerns.