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"International Military Council on Climate and Security" Announced

THE HAGUE, Netherlands

A new "International Military Council on Climate and Security" (IMCSS) aims to drive communications and policy in support of actions on the security implications of a changing climate.

IMCSS was announced at the Planetary Security Conference in The Hague, Netherlands, February 19 by the Center for Climate and Security (CSS), the Netherlands Institute of International Relations, the French Institute for International and Strategic Affairs, and the Hague Center for Strategic Studies.

The Council is designed to be a global network of senior military leaders that will meet regularly, producing an annual World Climate and Security Report which will address climate change implications to security at national, regional and international levels.

CSS, a policy institute of the Council on Strategic Risks in Washington DC, with a team and advisory board of senior military and security experts, will serve as the Secretariat of the IMCCS, according to an announcement.

The formation of this Council acknowledges the increasing concern about climate change and the very real risks it poses to global stability and will focus energy into an international institution devoted to addressing the urgent concerns of militaries across the globe, according to the press release.

“Climate change is a threat multiplier, making existing threats to security worse, and that means militaries are going to be on the front lines of combating climate risks and building resilience. Many of the world’s military leaders recognize that climate change is a core security concern, not only an environmental matter, and a fundamental strategic consideration of our time. This network will bring military voices to the international security and climate discussion in a meaningful way, and advance action commensurate to the threat.” Sherri Goodman, Secretary General of the IMCCS, Senior Strategist at the Center for Climate and Security, and former US Deputy Undersecretary of Defense said.

“There is a need for better awareness and understanding of the threats and required strategic capabilities for climate security. Interaction between stakeholders should be supported and coordination is required.” Michel Rademaker, Senior Member of the IMCCS Executive Committee and Deputy Director of the Hague Centre for Strategic Studies said.