South Africa: Water Shortage Predicted, Where Is That Wastewater Audit?


The Green Drop Report, which was introduced in 2009 as an annual audit of South Africa’s 824 sewage works, has not been published in any form since 2013. It indicated that treated sewage was flowing into SA's rivers every day, according to Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Water and Sanitation member Leonard Basson. He suspects the situation has got worse in the intervening years. Responding to questions from the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Water and Sanitation in September last year, the DWS deputy director-general of regulation, Anil Singh, said the 2013 Green Drop report had “huge policy implications”. The transcript of the meeting recorded by the Parliamentary Monitoring Group records Singh as going on to say: “A decision had been made that the reports needed to be submitted to the Cabinet for consideration. The reports had been considered. That was why there had been a non-release of the reports.”