Nestle Waters Sued For Deceiving Customers Over "Natural Spring Water"

1 Apr 2019 by OOSKAnews Correspondent
NEW HAVEN CT, United States

A United States federal judge has allowed a class action suit on behalf of consumers in 8 states to proceed against Nestle Waters North America. The claimants assert that Nestle deceived consumers by labelling its Poland Spring bottled water as being “100% Natural Spring Water.”Selling over 1 billion gallons of Poland Spring per annum, Nestle Waters has re-asserted that the water is “100 percent natural spring water” and argues that there is no fraud as the bottled spring water meets various state requirements. In fact, last year, Nestle commissioned what it called an independent investigation by a law firm that “confirmed that Poland Spring Brand spring water sources meet all US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations defining spring water...

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