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Iran, Netherlands To Strengthen Water Sector Cooperation


Iran and the Netherlands are considering greater cooperation between the two countries in the water and power sectors.

Following a Tehran meeting, both Iranian Deputy Minister of Energy for International Affairs Mohammad Ali Farahnakian and Netherlands ambassador to Iran, Jacques Werner emphasized the history of cooperation between the two countries and the special strength of Dutch companies in the field of water management, in particular flood control.

Werner stressed the importance of the water, energy and food security nexus (as defined by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization) and offered a number of opportunities for cooperation between the nations. Last month Werner had noted that “Contrary to Iran which suffers from water scarcity, the Netherlands owns huge water resources and this can be a good opportunity for two sides to collaborate on water and waste water management".

According to Iran's Ministry of information 12 October, Farahnakian welcomed Dutch companies’ contribution in Iran’s water and power projects.