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Launch Of Global Media Platform “The Water Diplomat”

GENEVA, Switzerland

The Geneva Water Hub and OOSKAnews hosted an international press conference at the Geneva Water Hub 4 October to launch the global media platform “The Water Diplomat”.

Footage of the press conference can be found HERE.

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Press and other attendees listened to presenttions from, and questioned a panel consisting of:

  • Dr. Danilo Turk, Chair of the Global High-Level Panel on Water and Peace
  • Mr. François Münger, Director of the Geneva Water Hub
  • Mr. Johan Gély, Head of Global Water Program, The Blue Peace Movement and the Engagement of Switzerland
  • Mr. David Duncan, CEO of OOSKAnews
  • Mr. Dagim Terefe Gesese, Freelance Journalist and Global Goodwill Ambassador of Ethiopia (by video message)

Freshwater management is a major challenge of our century. It continuously evolves between situations of tension, conflict and cooperation in a dynamic way.

As a vital and irreplaceable element increasingly under threat, freshwater is fundamental to ensuring food security, energy and industry needs, public health goals, among other areas. It is also the most visible aspect and a central element of climate change. More than a full-fledged sustainable development goal, water is the cornerstone of the stability of our societies. Media engagement is instrumental to raise awareness on water issues. In a move to bridge the gap on hydropolitical information and trigger the interest of the public and the media, the Geneva Water Hub and the world’s leading publisher on water OOSKAnews jointly launched the global media platform “The Water Diplomat”, a free monthly news and intelligence resource specialised in hydropolitics. This project pursues the goal of promoting access to political stakes of water management that are making news around the world.