Water Diplomacy Talks -- Monika Weber-Fahr, Global Water Partnership

23 Oct 2019 by Staff - Water Diplomat


Weber-Fahr and Duncan discuss the summit's theme "Preventing Water Crises" and GWP's recently launched strategy position paper "Mobilising for a Water Secure World", particularly water solutions relating to achievement of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6; climate change resistant development; transboundary water cooperation.

GWP is a large, diverse, inclusive, multi-stakeholder partnership that supports communities and countries to improve the way they manage water. The organisation, with HQ in Stockholm, Sweden brings water users together to solve water problems. The partnership is a global action network with a chief focus to support social change processes that further the sustainable management and development of water resources. To do this, the network invites like-minded organisations to join its global movement. GWP partners with more than 3,000 organisations that share its aims and values in tackling the sustainable development, management, and use of water resources. A GWP Partner is defined as: “Any entity, except individuals, may become a Partner of the Network. Partners of the Network may include States, national, regional and local Government Institutions, Intergovernmental Organisations, international and national Non-governmental Organisations, Academic Institutions and Research Institutions, Companies, and service providers in the public sector.”


A powerpoint presentation of "Strategy: Mobilising for a Water Secure World" can be downloaded here.