Water Is A Main Climate Game-changer

9 Oct 2019 by OOSKAnews Correspondent

An outcomes document of the High Level Strategic Workshop on Water and Climate, sponsored by the World Water Council, has been made available in advance of the COP25 meeting in Santiago in December.

With the theme of “Raising ambitions on the road to COP25”, a June workshop aimed at increasing global climate ambitions through the crucial recognition of water as a main game-changer.

The primary goal of the workshop was to mobilize and encourage a range of political and institutional stakeholders from both the water and the climate arenas to work together to assure the continued and improved long-term visibility of water within climate discussions, stressing the necessity to implement national plans and strategies to deliver on commitments.

Water and climate are still perceived as two separate fields subjected to two different languages and narratives; not as a cross-cutting solution. The water community needs to shift the perception of water from a risk to an opportunity, demonstrating how resilient water strategies are key to achieving climate-related goals.

National policies and plans and local implementation are often mis-aligned as a result of the lack of integration and harmonization at multiple levels – national, regional and local.

Access to funding for investment in water infrastructure for climate preparedness needs to be facilitated. New financial instruments should be developed and made available.

Very often, cooperation and communication are lacking between ministries responsible for water and those with the mandate of drafting the NDCs. This calls for better regulations, improved governance, strengthened institutions and reinforced communication efforts.

Robust science-based data are essential for constructing “climate rationales” for action by national governments and institutions, especially in developing countries. New ways of sharing knowledge and long-term commitment in support of capacity development and technical assistance should be encouraged.