No-confidence Motion Against Bulgaria Government Follows Public Protests, Arrest and Replacement Of Water Minister

18 Jan 2020 by Staff - Water Diplomat
SOFIA, Bulgaria

A no-confidence motion has been filed by the opposition Socialist party against the government of Bulgaria, following protests over water shortages. The parliament of Bulgaria last week approved the appointment of Emil Dimitrov as the country's new environment and water minister 15 January, following the 10 January arrest and resignation of predecessor Neno Dimov.

Dimov has been accused of mismanagement of water reserves in the western town of Pernik. Accusations include knowingly permitting industrial extraction of water from a reservoir even as levels were decreasing. It is alleged that these decisions have left the town of 100,000 people with limited access to drinking water for months, leading to anti-government protests.

Dimov, who faces 8 years in prison, asserts that drought has caused the shortage, while others cite a 30 year history of mismanagement.

Dimitrov's experience in the water sector appears to be limited. The new minister has stated that ultimate resolution of the water situation will derive from the country's Prime Minister Boyko Metodiev Borisov. (Svobodnaevropa).