aquaNOW Audience - FULL VIDEO – “Green Meds For Blue Water”

3 Feb 2020 by Staff - Water Diplomat

OOSKAnews hosted an "aquaNOW Audience" Thursday 30 January, in Inverness Scotland, to discuss challenges and solutions around pharmaceutical pollution of water resources.


"Green Meds for Blue Water" discussed in panel format the challenges of identifying pharma pollution and cleaning it up. aquaNOW Audiences engage international environmental experts and Scottish expertise in global water-related challenges and solutions.


Background reading: Hospital In Scotland Is World's First To Achieve Alliance For Water Stewardship Certification

Our panelists (Background) discuss:

  • Experts identify that the challenges of Pharma in water are likely to increase - what is driving the increase? What are the global trends?
  • What are the specific pharmaceuticals and sources of Pharma that are causing most concern?
  • How is the world reacting to the Pharma contamination threat? What policy instruments are being applied? What works, what doesn’t, what is the best way forward?
  • Is there a role in education of end users? Are Pharma users (“patients”) aware of the threat of Pharma release into the environment?

aquaNOW Audiences are produced by OOSKAnews with support from the government of Scotland, the Hydro Nation

Scotland's Hydro Nation vision builds on recognition that water is of central importance to the economy of Scotland, both as a sector in its own right and as a critical resource in Scotland’s manufacturing, agriculture, food and drink, tourism and energy sectors. The aim of the Hydro Nation is to maximize the value of these resources in every sense, whether that be the contribution they make to the economy, or in how the quality of the country’s water environment contributes to citizens’ overall wellbeing and sense of national identity. This approach to water, and climate change is understood to be unique to Scotland.

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