Chile's Updated NDC Features Water Commitments

19 Apr 2020 by Staff - Water Diplomat

Chile has become the first country in Latin America to submit its updated climate action commitment (Nationally Determined Contribution, or NDC) as required by the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, under which every country agreed to prepare and communicate an updated nationally determined contribution (NDC) every five years to reflect progress toward its highest possible ambition. So far, seven nations have submitted updated NDCs.

Chile's commitment covers four key elements:

  • Water as a priority area for urgent climate adaptation action
  • New emissions peaks and mitigation targets
  • Nature-based solutions and a circular economy as part of the solution
  • Climate action based on a just transition and sustainable development

Chile is in the midst of an historic 10-year drought and the new plan maintains previous commitments of updating and implementing the National Adaption Plan. It sets out a timeline for completing such plans for 11 priority sectors and developing vulnerability maps. In addition, the country commits to reduction of non-revenue water losses, achievement of sanitation targets of the SDGs and pollution reduction by 2030.

The plan also covers a number of commitments related to nature-based solutions (forests, peat bogs, and oceans) that go significantly beyond the original NDC.

The final component of the NDC is a new “social pillar” that is included as a response to the social mobilisations that caused COP 25 to be moved from Santiago to Madrid in November 2019.

“Chile commits to guide the implementation of its NDC actions based on the following criteria: synergies with sustainable development goals, just transition needs, water security, gender equity, nature-based solutions, inclusion of indigenous and other traditional knowledge, public participation, and cost efficiency", according to the commitment.