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Romania: EBRD Loan Supports Buzau County Water Infrastructure Improvement

BUZAU, Romania

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has approved $21.5 Million USD financing for water and wastewater infrastructure improvement in Buzau County, in southeastern Romania.

The new financing to the regional utility SC Compania de Apa SA Buzau is part of the European Union’s Large Infrastructure Operational Program. The loan, announced 24 April, will focus on communities with fewer than 10,000 people and is targeted for upgrades that will reduce water losses by an estimated 500,000 cubic meters per year. Water treatment facility upgrades are estimated to increase the volume of treated water by 800,000 cubic meters per year.

EBRD has extended the financing for ApaBuzau under its Sustainable Water Infrastructure Facility (SWIFT), which builds on the Bank's long-term work with Romanian water companies. The purpose of SWIFT is to bring the water sector in line with EU laws, policies and practices. This is the fifth EBRD loan under the SWIFT framework.

More than 210,000 residents in the county will benefit from an improved access to water and wastewater services.